Friday, May 22, 2009

Make Your Own Fabric Covered Buttons - Supplies

Making fabric covered buttons is so much fun! You can transform these aluminum buttons to different kinds of covered buttons on pillows or cushions, ponytail holders, snap clips, headbands, rings, pushpins, paper clips, etc. Possibility is endless! Just find a piece of pretty fabric. You can make a covered button in just few seconds!

Make it easier with a tool. A tool includes a mold (white) and a pusher (blue) which help you to form the covered button in fabric and push it out in ease.

Covered Buttons have different sizes.
#20 1/2 inch
#24 5/8 inch
#30 3/4 inch
#36 7/8 inch
#45 1 1/8 inches
#60 1 1/2 inches
#75 1 7/8 inches

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