Friday, September 18, 2009

A Very Cute Pouches Shop - MoonSun


I've found this cute shop on Etsy! I was so excited to see these cute little pouches by getting in this shop! I love anything from Japan, from Japanese food to Japanese fabrics. This seller, MOONSUN, has so many beautiful and cute pouches made with designer fabrics and Japanese fabrics! I bought a Great Value Set from her last Sunday which was a slim pencil case and a key chain coin pouch! These are the gifts for my friends.

And I couldn't resist to get one for myself! I bought this cute MATRYOSHKA Zip Pouch. haha! Love it! Love it! Love it!!!!

These are the other pouches that I like!



Thursday, September 3, 2009

ESST Weekend Shopping Extravaganza - Sept 5-6

I'm so excited to become a member of the Etsy Supply Street Team! This ESST Weekend Shopping Extravaganza will be my first participation of the team's event! Please come and join me on September 5th and 6th. You'll find many discounted items such as different sizes of cover button blanks, earring posts, adjustable ring blanks, french hooks and back pins! Don't miss this opportunity!

Recommended in an Israelite Craft Forum...Weee!!!

About a week ago, I sold few items of cover buttons to a customer who lives in Israel. I got a feedback from her who said it's amazing to receive the package in 6 days! I was happy to know that the package delivered to her hand fast and safely cuz this was my first shipment to Israel!

About a day or two later, I had 3 orders from Israel!!!! I didn't think it's coincident or something. My instant told me that it's related to the first Israelite customer! Then I emailed her and asked if she recommended me to her friends. I was so thrilled to get the answer from her. She remmended me to a local craft forum in Israel! Wow! The "word of mouth" is amazing! It's better than advertizing in many different blogs and sites! Thank to her! Today, I've had another 2 orders from Israel again! Weeeee.....!