Monday, November 23, 2009

New Items - Bobby Pins with 10mm Pads

I recently listed bobby pins with pads in my shops! They are great for covered buttons (sizes 20, 24, 30 or 36), glass, beads, Swarvoski Crystral or cabochons! Check them out!

Color: Silver
Pin size: 2 inches (50mm) long
Pad size: 10mm round

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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Friday, October 23, 2009

My Handmade Amigurumi

I'm addicted to Amigurumi!!!! AMIGURUMI is the Japanese art of crocheting small stuffs animals! I crocheted a whale without pattern couple months ago. My younger daughter loves it so much. When my older daughter asked me to make her one, I couldn't do it again for I didn't write down the pattern! Indeed, I'm not too good at crocheting. I'd better follow patterns!

As I mentioned in my last blog, I bought an amigurumi pattern from When you scroll down the pictures, you'll see a little cute piggy. Her name is Jacinta!

After making Jacinta, I can't stop making more amigurumi! Therefore, I've made a little bunny, her mommy, her friend which is a little bear! It's so much fun!

Oh! Don't forget to get plastic safety eyes from Clara, my best friend! Those plastic safety eyes are so easy to assemble. I use 9mm black eyes for all these animals! good size!

Mammy & Bunny

Bunny & her friend, teddy!


Jacinta - her cloths are changable

my first amigurumi - a whale

9mm plastic safety eyes from

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

New Items-disk and loop bracelets, earring posts and rings

Hi everyone! It's getting cool in New Jersey now. How's the weather in your state/country?

I've been very busy at crocheting recently! Yes, crocheting is a lot of fun! I'm making some amigurumi for my kids. I bought a pattern from last week. She is a very nice and sweet seller. She has many cute and easy-make amigurumi patterns in very low prices. She is also an author of 2 amigurumi books! I also ordered some plastic safety eyes from my best friend's shop She has many different sizes plastic safety eyes for amigurumi. Good price! Godd seller!

OK! Back to my topic! I have some new inventories in my shop! Look at these beautiful silver-plated and gold color disk-loop bracelets! You can glue on fabric covered buttons, Swarvoski Crystals, grass, pendants, charms and cabochon on them! I love these bracelets!

Silver Plate Disk and Loop Bracelet - Front

Silver-Plated Disk and Loop Bracelet - Back

Gold Color Disk and Loop Bracelet - Front

Gold Color Disk and Loop Bracelet - Back
More! I also have silver plated french hook earwires! They look so beautiful with Swarvoski Crystal! The price is not as expensive as sterling silver, but has great quality!

These were posted yesterday to my shop - 5mm surgical stainless steel earring posts and backs! They have glueable flat pad for fabric covered buttons, grass, Swarvoski Crystal, beads or charms. Each earring post comes with a butterfly nut (back).
5mm earring posts (surgical stainless steel)

Now, I have 10mm flat pad adjustable rings in gold color!

10mm pad adjustable rings

Please visit for these findings!

Friday, September 18, 2009

A Very Cute Pouches Shop - MoonSun


I've found this cute shop on Etsy! I was so excited to see these cute little pouches by getting in this shop! I love anything from Japan, from Japanese food to Japanese fabrics. This seller, MOONSUN, has so many beautiful and cute pouches made with designer fabrics and Japanese fabrics! I bought a Great Value Set from her last Sunday which was a slim pencil case and a key chain coin pouch! These are the gifts for my friends.

And I couldn't resist to get one for myself! I bought this cute MATRYOSHKA Zip Pouch. haha! Love it! Love it! Love it!!!!

These are the other pouches that I like!



Thursday, September 3, 2009

ESST Weekend Shopping Extravaganza - Sept 5-6

I'm so excited to become a member of the Etsy Supply Street Team! This ESST Weekend Shopping Extravaganza will be my first participation of the team's event! Please come and join me on September 5th and 6th. You'll find many discounted items such as different sizes of cover button blanks, earring posts, adjustable ring blanks, french hooks and back pins! Don't miss this opportunity!

Recommended in an Israelite Craft Forum...Weee!!!

About a week ago, I sold few items of cover buttons to a customer who lives in Israel. I got a feedback from her who said it's amazing to receive the package in 6 days! I was happy to know that the package delivered to her hand fast and safely cuz this was my first shipment to Israel!

About a day or two later, I had 3 orders from Israel!!!! I didn't think it's coincident or something. My instant told me that it's related to the first Israelite customer! Then I emailed her and asked if she recommended me to her friends. I was so thrilled to get the answer from her. She remmended me to a local craft forum in Israel! Wow! The "word of mouth" is amazing! It's better than advertizing in many different blogs and sites! Thank to her! Today, I've had another 2 orders from Israel again! Weeeee.....!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

How to make Ear Wire Earrings?

Do you want to make your own designed earrings? Don't think that it's difficult and let it stop your creativity. Here is a tuturial demonstration of making ear wires (French hook earrings). It's easy and so much fun!

First of all, you need the tools (round nose pliers, a side cutter & needle-nose pliers-sorry, the needle nose pliers is not showed in this picture), beads (I have 5mm, 3mm & glass beads) and earring findings (2 head pins, 2 eye pins & 2 French hooks) . In this demonstration, I will make earrings with 2 sections each. This picture shows the layout and order of the design.
Check out my shop for fench hook earring findings.

We'll work on the bottom section first. Arrange beads onto the head pin following the design of the above picture. Then use a pair of needle-nose pliers (here you go!) to bend it over to make a 90 degree angle.

Then cut off excess head pin with the side cutter. Leave approximately 1/4 inch.

Grab the end of the head pin with a pair of round nose pliers and make a loop. But don't close the loop yet because we need to put the eye pin into it to make the top section of the earring.

Now, put the eye pin into the loop. Then use the round nose pliers to make a closed loop.

Again, arrange the beads onto the eye pin following the designed on the first picture.

Then cut off the excess eye pin leaving approximately 1/4 inch. Use the round-nose pliers to make a loop. Before you close the loop, remember to put the french hook into the loop.

A beautiful ear wire is finished. Follow the above instruction to make the second piece.

Need french hooks? Check ou my stores here!
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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Cute earrings by BeBeCha

These are the earrings I bought from an Etsy seller, BeBeCha! Are they so cute? When I opened the package, my daughter, Kristen, was so excited - she kept saying "I love them! I love them!" Yes, they are so beautiful!

I've also found that she has beautiful headbands! Check her out on Etsy! She's doing a sale on earrings now. If you buy 3 earrings, the 4th is free! It's a nice shop! Don't miss it!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Great Accounting File by AccountingSPOT

I've found a great accounting Excel file from AccountingSPOT's blog. It's free to download. The great thing is it's designed for Etsy and small business! You have to try it out!


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Proud to be a member of Etsy Supply Street Team

I'm so happy today that I've been accepted as a member as the Etsy Supply Street Team (ESST)! Wow! I really consider myself as a supplier now! haha!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

How to cover a button?

Many of my customers are questioning how to make a fabric covered button. Indeed, it's very easy and quick! Even my 6-year-old daughter, Kristen, can make fabric cover buttons by herself! I've taken some pictures of the process so that you'll have an idea how easy it is!