Saturday, June 6, 2009

2nd Annual Yart Sale!!!!

I am participating in the Yart Sale on Etsy sponsored by Team ESST!

What's your sale goal for June?

How was your sale in May? Did you reach your goal?I started my store on Etsy on May 1. I didn't expect any sales in the first month! Luckily, a customer bought 3 packages of scrapbook stickers from me! lol! Business was still very slow in the first 2 weeks. People were not interested in my handmade felt dolls or hair accessories at all. Until my friend, Sally, encouraged me to sell blank cover buttons in my store (I used them to make the hair accessories), business was getting better!

I bought in few sizes of blank cover buttons from a supplier. 2 days after I listed them, one of sizes was sold out! There were more than 144 pieces! wow! It really surprised me!In May, the 1st month of business, I had 20 sales! Thanks to the Lord!

In June, I hope that I can make 30 sales (as of today, I've had 7 sales!). Since I will be on vacation (going to Disney World again with the kids!), I don't expect too much!

I hope everyone will have more sales in June! Have fun and enjoy the summer!

Friday, June 5, 2009

My Piggy was sold!

Since I have opened my Etsy store for 1 month, I've had about 20 sales which is really good! However, my store carries many of my handmade items as well as craft supplies, such as blank cover button supplies and scrapbook stickers. None of these 20 sales was a handmade item by me. I was kind of sad! People were more interested in my craft supplies! Anyway, I should give thanks!

Until yesterday, a lady who is also from NJ became my first handmade-item customer! She bought the Felt Pink Piggy from me! She loves all kind of pigs coz she names herself as BusyLittlePiggy! Thanks to her! Someone loves my handmade! Yeah!

This morning, PurplePinkandOrange notified me that my little piggy is being featured on their six quick picks today!! lol!