Thursday, September 3, 2009

Recommended in an Israelite Craft Forum...Weee!!!

About a week ago, I sold few items of cover buttons to a customer who lives in Israel. I got a feedback from her who said it's amazing to receive the package in 6 days! I was happy to know that the package delivered to her hand fast and safely cuz this was my first shipment to Israel!

About a day or two later, I had 3 orders from Israel!!!! I didn't think it's coincident or something. My instant told me that it's related to the first Israelite customer! Then I emailed her and asked if she recommended me to her friends. I was so thrilled to get the answer from her. She remmended me to a local craft forum in Israel! Wow! The "word of mouth" is amazing! It's better than advertizing in many different blogs and sites! Thank to her! Today, I've had another 2 orders from Israel again! Weeeee.....!

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