Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Addicted to Amigurumi

Oh! I'm too crazy about amigurumi recently. I can keep crocheting all day long and I never want to stop! I have stocked up many different colors of yarn in my craft cabinet and I need more spaces for them!

I'm here showing you some of my lovely and cutiest amigurumi and crochet works! I love them all. You can also visit my album on flickr.com! Oh! Don't forget to visit my friend, Clara www.6060.etsy.com, as well if you need these plastic safety eyes!


  1. would you be able to make another charmander?
    i owe a friend of mine a special present for her birthday in june.
    if so, what would be the price?
    email me xnohardfeelings@yahoo.com
    thanks. =]

  2. hi there,

    could you please share where you got the mashimaro pattern? i would love to make one for myself. thank you!


  3. I love your amigurumis!! they are so cutee!!
    I'm looking for a charmander pattern, because my boyfriend loves it and I want to make him one for his birthday ^^
    So can you tell me where did you find this awesome pattern please? angels_shadow_24@hotmail.com

    Thank you!! ^^